Stop the Dump, inc. is an outgrowth of localized community efforts to educate the public regarding the proposed development of a landfill in the Iron Hill area of Bartow County.

A Construction and Demolition Dump at Euharlee Road and Hodges Mine Road, promoted by Southern States LLC, could endanger wetlands, pollute groundwater, air, and soil, and directly harm people living in the Macedonia watershed and beyond.

The site is located in an area designated as being of higher susceptibility to groundwater pollution in the Georgia Digital Environmental Atlas, and also has been identified as a significant groundwater recharge area. Numerous sinkholes and spring fed lakes are in the area.  The danger of permanent damage to the water table, the creeks, wells, springs, sloughs, and the Etowah River is real. Pollution by toxic gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide, noise pollution, and airborne chemical pollution are other concerns. Habitat for diverse and abundant wildlife will be destroyed.  Endangered species present in and around the Etowah River will be placed in further peril should contamination of the water supply occur.  Rural roads leading to the site are not designed or engineered for heavy industrial use, raising serious transportation safety issues.

A small but dedicated group of Bartow County residents organized this initiative, which has grown with the support and concerns of friends like you.  We welcome you to this site and invite you to learn more about our efforts and how you can help.

Stop the Dump